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This is the photo I submitted for the photo assignment on the “Tired of Thinking About Drinking” blog.


Here we are on day 9.  I have to admit.  Nothing interesting happened today LOL

I worked a little at one of my side jobs early in the day.  Then later went to my main job.  On the way home picked up one of those little containers of ice cream, and ate some of that while watching the news.

As I mentioned previously the sweet tooth is in full effect now.  I’m going to let it slide for awhile.  Later on I will have to address it.  In the long run I do wish to stick to a healthier diet.  But, for now just staying sober is job #1, so I’ll indulge in the sweets a bit.

Last night before bed I watched Jack Reacher.  It was ok for a Tom Cruise action movie.  Not one of his best, but entertaining.  Mind you, I enjoy super cheesy action movies 🙂  I’m thinking about watching either another movie tonight after posting this, or maybe dig around for a new TV series to watch.

I cancelled cable TV last month.  The only thing I have is high speed Internet.  I have an Amazon Prime account, and that is pretty much where I get all my content from.  Cancelling TV was a great decision.  I save a lot of money, and I don’t miss it at all.  The movies and TV shows on Prime keep me plenty entertained.

In yesterdays blog post I put up a picture (the dinner I ate hehe).  I’m into photography so I’ll probably start posting some more pictures in this blog along with my posts.  Keep an eye out 🙂

Oh, BTW check out my window photo that I sent to Belle for the photography assignment on her blog “Tired of Thinking About Drinking”  Photos: Window View

Another blog I have been enjoying is Drunky Drunk Girl.  She has been going through some issues with sugar lately.  I know how she feels 🙂

That’s it for tonight.  I know… boring ;-p

Take care!


It was my second day off today.  Although, it was not completely a day off because one of my other side jobs needed attention, and I picked up some hours there earlier in the day.

After that something happened that I knew was inevitable since the first day I went sober.  Cleaning binge!!!  Cleaned the whole place and did the laundry.  For some reason I didn’t finish until after midnight.  Whew.  It will be nice waking up to a clean space tomorrow.  I also did some minor re-decorating 🙂

Oh, and I also cooked a major dinner!  It seems that when you go sober cooking is almost always one of the areas that improve and expand.  When sober I tend to prepare and cook food more often than eating out.  I made some chicken tonight.  I’ll post a pic of it at the end of the blog.

My muscles are feeling it a bit today.  Not just from cleaning.  I went for a serious walk yesterday.  Then yesterday evening I finally began my old exercise routines which I have ignored for about a year or so.  I did them again today.

I guess things are going well 🙂  I still harbor a fear inside me that I’ll slip and fall, but the fear is a little bit less each day.

I’m experimenting with different drink alternatives for when I get bored with water.  I purchased a bottle of Perrier with lime flavor.  I like it!  Then I opened a bottle of Welch’s sparkling red grape drink.  I had that with dinner.  At first sip I thought it was pretty awesome.  It has a LOT of flavor.  I don’t think it’s very healthy LOL.  It’s loaded with sugar.  By the time I got half way through the glass I poured it was almost too sweet to finish.  Not sure what I think about that.  Maybe if I mix it with something else.

Speaking of sweet.  The sugar cravings have fully kicked in.  I’ve noticed this before when I stopped drinking.  Keeping chocolate bars in the place is now mandatory.  I ate a blueberry muffin earlier in the day.  Later I purchased 12 chocolate chip cookies which I have not sampled yet (now that I type this I think I’m gonna have to have one hehe).

Overall just a pretty normal day I guess.  The “new normal” that is 😉


Today was a pretty huge day.

I’ve been sober a week!  Woohoo!

My favorite drinking buddy finally called and we had the “big talk”.  It went well.  He was supportive of my decision, and did not give me any shit at all.  Clearly, I won’t be able to hang out with him as much as I did, but I think as time goes on things will work out.

I have not stepped into my favorite bar since sobriety started.  That will be another big milestone.  Some people make it sound like once you go sober you can never enter a bar again.  Well, that’s just not gonna work for me.  They have awesome food, and I have friends there.  I will go back.  I just want to have some “cool down” time first.

Besides bars, think of all the other things.  Festivals, state fairs, sporting events, fishing, hanging at the beach, playing poker, and BBQ with friends.  These are all events that I would normally drink at.  I still want to go to such events.  I’m just going to have to do them sober.  Truth is, I think I’m going to have a better time doing all these activities sober anyway.  I’m going to a baseball game next week.  Think of all the money I’m going to save!  🙂  I suspect I will buy more food though, hehe.

Speaking of saved money.  It was my day off today and I took Grandma out shopping.  Besides getting my usual stuff, I purchased a handful of bonus items that suddenly I could afford because I had not spent my usual $100 to $150 bucks on alcohol last week.  It felt awesome!!

I purchased a new clock for my living room.  I really wanted this because I had no clock in that room, and it was driving me nuts 😉  It’s right in the middle of the wall and you can’t miss it.  Plus, I can hear it ticking.  Every time I hear that clock tick.  Every time I glance at it.  I am reminded of the fact that the clock is hanging there because I got my shit together.  Nice.

Here’s to another week!


Made it through the weekend. It’s late Sunday night. Gonna listen to some tunes and crash.

Blogging from the phone again. Tomorrow evening I’ll be back home, and back on the laptop.

Going shopping with Grandma during the day. I have the day off. Gonna keep my eyes peeled at the stores for a nice little treat to celebrate day 7 🙂

I’ve been eating more chocolate lately lol!

Keeping it short tonight.



I decided to try and blog from my phone tonight. I’m at a location where I cannot use my computer.

Turns out that WordPress has a very nice Android app. I’m impressed.

Today was good. Only a short period during the day when I felt grumpy. I find that relaxing and deep breathing helps 🙂

I work in a restaurant and have to be around beer often. Of all forms of alcohol beer is the one that tortures me the most. I drank brandy just because I could get drunk faster. But, with beer I love the smell and taste. NA beer helps with that, but it’s still hard.

While stocking the beer cooler tonight it bothered me. Then, my next reaction was that I actually got pissed off.  I was pissed that beer had that power over me. In this case, I think it was good anger because it helped me squash the temptation.

Hey, this blogging from the phone is not too bad!  🙂

Anyway, survived day 5.


Happy Friday!

I had the day off today.  It was a good day, and I got most everything done that I had planned.  I still did not wake up as early as I would have liked, but I’m gonna have to just keep working on that one.

Today is officially day 4 of my sobriety.  I think it’s the first day that I started to feel physically better.  Like I felt healthier.  I’ve been having trouble sleeping, and last night that was an issue again, although I did not stay up as late as I did the past few nights.  Could be a sign it’s getting better.  Tomorrow morning I’m going to attempt to force myself to get up earlier even if it means being tired all day.  At least that way I should be able to get to sleep at a reasonable hour.

Besides writing my blog I took some time to read the other blogs about this topic that I have found through the Tired of Thinking About Drinking blog.  That was the first blog I found on this subject, and it led me to find many others, and also get involved in the 100 day challenge.  There are many great blogs out there, and when I read them it really helps keep me going.  I am thankful for all the people out there who take the time to write.  It is one of the reasons I have been inspired to do the same.

Went down to the local meat market today to do some shopping.  I’ve noticed that shopping seems to be a much more fun and fulfilling task when sober.  When you live in the moment all those wonderful items in the store just fill up your senses.

On the way out the door they were serving Bratwurst to raise money for some school sports.  Man those Brats are yummy!

For the next two days I will be away from my computer.  The only Internet access will be from my phone.  Not sure if I want to attempt writing a blog from my phone, so my next post will either be Sunday night, or sometime on Monday.

Enjoy the Weekend!


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