Day 21!! Woot!  Woot!

Still going strong!  🙂  Looking forward to day 25 just around the corner.  Those hundred days are going to be here soon.

I’m  still eating more sweets than I normally would, but in the past few days I finally started to dial it back.  Yesterday I weighed myself and was stunned to see that I had put on weight.  This is unusual for me.  I’ve been around 155-159 lbs for AGES.  Yesterday I was 170.  That might be the most I have ever weighed!!  Just from about two weeks of loading up on sweets and sugar stuff.

It’s ok.  My exercise program is at least attempting to resurrect itself, and I know that I can’t munch on the sweets for long.  I get sick of them, and start to get cravings for healthy stuff again.

I’ve been at the lake for three days.  Early tomorrow I’ll head back home to the apartment.  I have the next few days off and the weather is supposed to be gorgeous.  I need to figure out some fun out door things to do!  Swimming, hiking, taking the bike out, or visiting a nearby town that I have not been to before.  Lots of options to consider.

Maybe I’ll get some pictures in as well 🙂




I’m back at the lake for a few days.  I figured out how to tether my phone to the laptop so now instead of writing blog posts from my phone I am able to get my laptop online.  It’s been a few years since I have played around with phone tethering.  I’m still using the same program.  It’s a great app/program combo for tethering.  The connection speed and latency seem a lot better than last time I experimented with this.  This is decent.  Well, that is awesome.  Now I have dependable Internet and computer resources I can use while at the lake.  Nice!  🙂

Had a decent night at work.  Seems like everything just goes by in a blur lately.  I swear, the moment I hit 40 it was like someone put the time stream on fast forward.  Sometimes it is a bit alarming.  Seeing your life fly by.  I use that feeling to try and appreciate the present moment as much as I can.  When life is cruising by, you need to spend time focusing on those little moments.

I continued to indulge in sweets this week.  Chocolate bars, cookies and peanut butter seem to have risen to the top.  I’m already looking over my shoulder with the sugar thing.  I know the day will come in which I will have to atone for my  sugary sins.  The excess cookies and shit make me feel kinda gunky and unhealthy.  For now, I’m still 100% focused on sobriety from alcohol, but within the next few weeks to a month I think some dietary changes may need to go into effect.

I better get to bed.  Night!


I took the long way home today.  It was a beautiful day for a drive!  I’ll post a gallery of some Stillwater pics at the end of tonight’s post.

Huh, Obama is on Leno right now.

It is nice to be back home from the city.  My favorite thing about coming home is the clean air.  The fresh air out here is completely different than in the city.  When you take a deep breath it is invigorating.

I ate sweets after dinner!!!  🙂  Chocolate seems to be a permanent part of the menu for now.

I drove up the river valley and saw a lot of cool sites today.  Sometimes its worth the extra time to take the long way home and explore new places.  I drove through two towns today that I had not been through before.  It was a great journey home.


It was my second day off today.  Although, it was not completely a day off because one of my other side jobs needed attention, and I picked up some hours there earlier in the day.

After that something happened that I knew was inevitable since the first day I went sober.  Cleaning binge!!!  Cleaned the whole place and did the laundry.  For some reason I didn’t finish until after midnight.  Whew.  It will be nice waking up to a clean space tomorrow.  I also did some minor re-decorating 🙂

Oh, and I also cooked a major dinner!  It seems that when you go sober cooking is almost always one of the areas that improve and expand.  When sober I tend to prepare and cook food more often than eating out.  I made some chicken tonight.  I’ll post a pic of it at the end of the blog.

My muscles are feeling it a bit today.  Not just from cleaning.  I went for a serious walk yesterday.  Then yesterday evening I finally began my old exercise routines which I have ignored for about a year or so.  I did them again today.

I guess things are going well 🙂  I still harbor a fear inside me that I’ll slip and fall, but the fear is a little bit less each day.

I’m experimenting with different drink alternatives for when I get bored with water.  I purchased a bottle of Perrier with lime flavor.  I like it!  Then I opened a bottle of Welch’s sparkling red grape drink.  I had that with dinner.  At first sip I thought it was pretty awesome.  It has a LOT of flavor.  I don’t think it’s very healthy LOL.  It’s loaded with sugar.  By the time I got half way through the glass I poured it was almost too sweet to finish.  Not sure what I think about that.  Maybe if I mix it with something else.

Speaking of sweet.  The sugar cravings have fully kicked in.  I’ve noticed this before when I stopped drinking.  Keeping chocolate bars in the place is now mandatory.  I ate a blueberry muffin earlier in the day.  Later I purchased 12 chocolate chip cookies which I have not sampled yet (now that I type this I think I’m gonna have to have one hehe).

Overall just a pretty normal day I guess.  The “new normal” that is 😉


Made it through the weekend. It’s late Sunday night. Gonna listen to some tunes and crash.

Blogging from the phone again. Tomorrow evening I’ll be back home, and back on the laptop.

Going shopping with Grandma during the day. I have the day off. Gonna keep my eyes peeled at the stores for a nice little treat to celebrate day 7 🙂

I’ve been eating more chocolate lately lol!

Keeping it short tonight.



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