I decided to try and blog from my phone tonight. I’m at a location where I cannot use my computer.

Turns out that WordPress has a very nice Android app. I’m impressed.

Today was good. Only a short period during the day when I felt grumpy. I find that relaxing and deep breathing helps 🙂

I work in a restaurant and have to be around beer often. Of all forms of alcohol beer is the one that tortures me the most. I drank brandy just because I could get drunk faster. But, with beer I love the smell and taste. NA beer helps with that, but it’s still hard.

While stocking the beer cooler tonight it bothered me. Then, my next reaction was that I actually got pissed off.  I was pissed that beer had that power over me. In this case, I think it was good anger because it helped me squash the temptation.

Hey, this blogging from the phone is not too bad!  🙂

Anyway, survived day 5.


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