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Ok, so I am not on the super positive high I was on yesterday, hehe 🙂  I finally floated back down to the surface of the Earth sometime this morning LOL.  Still, I’m in a great mood, relatively.

I decided that with this post I would flesh in a little bit more info about my daily life.  I know that being an anonymous blog I keep things pretty vague, but sometimes that might be a bit confusing so I figured that I should explain at least a few things.

You may have noticed in previous posts that I keep mentioning “going to the lake”.  This refers to my Grandmothers house.  Here is the deal.  I’m a city boy.  Lived there my whole life.  My Grandmother lives by a very small town out in the country about an hour and a half away.  She lives in a nice house on a great point of land on a beautiful lake.  This is the house her and Grandpa retired in.

Now she is 92 years old and still living at home alone.  We always came over to visit at least a few times a year.  Starting a few years back I began to visit more often.  I was coming up once or twice a month to help her out with things.  Since I was the only one in the family who never got married and had kids I had the flexibility to do this.

Two years ago I made a big decision.  I left everything behind in the cities and moved out into the country to live with Grandma.  Within a few months of that I was working again and moved into my own apartment in another small town that is just 12 miles away from Grandmas place.

I just got a new job about two months ago and it happens to be in the town by my Grandma.  So now I am driving over to her neck of the woods 5 days or more a week.  Monday and Tuesday are my days off.  The new routine that is starting to develop is that I stay at my apartment during the week and then spend a 3 day weekend with Grandma so it saves gas cutting out 3 trips back to my town.  Plus, I’m spending much more time with Grandma now.

This works great for her as well.  Now that I am coming over every week and spending multiple days at a time I can help her out a lot.  We go shopping, I help around the house and yard.  All that kind of stuff.  And of course we have our time just hanging out.

So, in previous posts when I made mention of going to the lake, or being at the lake, I’m talking about when I am staying at Grandmas.  She does not have Internet so I tether my cell phone to my laptop.  It’s not the best connection, but it is good enough to blog while I am at the lake.  That works because the blog really is the only thing where I need the laptop because I am typing so much.  Most everything else I just do from my phone.  Facebook, email etc.

This current arrangement has been great when you add sobriety in the mix.  I’m obviously much more useful and mindful with my Grandma  🙂  I also enjoy the serene environment here at the lake.

In the 90’s before my drinking crushed most everything I was high flying with the tech boom.  I mostly did Web site development and some other Web related programming and database work.  I did a lot of freelance work because I also produced the graphic designs and layout which allowed me to be sort of a one man show.  As one of my hobbies I pursue photography.

This is why the sober blogging community and the idea of starting my own blog appealed to me on so many levels.  I’m an Internet techno super geek.  It’s just that alcohol shattered all those pursuits, and only now am I starting to pick up the pieces.  Where the fuck did the last decade go?  Sheeeesh.

This blog has been a great start, but now it is time for me to really shake off the rust and re-train myself on the current development languages.  It’s also time for me to fire up my graphic editing programs and start practicing that too.  I plan on getting back into Web development in a big way.  I’m going to start at least one other blog along these lines.  I’m also interested in moving into such areas as Android app development and tying my photography and graphic work into all of it.

Writing is another area of interest for me so the blog was a platform I could use for practice.  As I expand in this area I am sure I will be writing more outside of just this blog.

So there you have it.  Just a little background that I thought would help shed some light on what the hell I’m talking about in my blog some days 😉

P.S.  The massive sugar cravings that consumed me for a few weeks seem to have abated.  I’m eating fairly normal again and already lost the 10 pounds I gained.  That’s a good feeling.

P.P.S.  The Loons are calling outside.  I love the haunting sound of their call.



Day 21!! Woot!  Woot!

Still going strong!  🙂  Looking forward to day 25 just around the corner.  Those hundred days are going to be here soon.

I’m  still eating more sweets than I normally would, but in the past few days I finally started to dial it back.  Yesterday I weighed myself and was stunned to see that I had put on weight.  This is unusual for me.  I’ve been around 155-159 lbs for AGES.  Yesterday I was 170.  That might be the most I have ever weighed!!  Just from about two weeks of loading up on sweets and sugar stuff.

It’s ok.  My exercise program is at least attempting to resurrect itself, and I know that I can’t munch on the sweets for long.  I get sick of them, and start to get cravings for healthy stuff again.

I’ve been at the lake for three days.  Early tomorrow I’ll head back home to the apartment.  I have the next few days off and the weather is supposed to be gorgeous.  I need to figure out some fun out door things to do!  Swimming, hiking, taking the bike out, or visiting a nearby town that I have not been to before.  Lots of options to consider.

Maybe I’ll get some pictures in as well 🙂



At the Mall of America.

The weather decided to cooperate and I got out for a great walk today.  Took tons of pics.  I’ll post a gallery at the end of this post.

I went to a park along the river, and then walked up into downtown.  Stopped for some excellent coffee while downtown.  Now that I live in the country it’s fun to sit on a busy corner sipping coffee and watching the hustle and bustle of the city go by.  Ended up being a fairly long walk.  I think I got my exercise in today 🙂

Went back home for dinner, and then decided to go see a movie at the mall.  I went with “Pacific Rim”.  I expected giant robots beating the shit out of huge monsters.  I got exactly what I expected 🙂  Walked around the mall a little bit.  Things look good.  Far fewer empty stores compared to just a few years ago.

Tomorrow I head back home.  As much as I love the city, I just know that it will be nice when I get back out into the country.  When you leave the city behind, and cross into those wide open spaces, it seems like your heart rate goes down a few notches.  Then, when I round the corner into my small town I always get that “I’m Home” feeling.  But, I’m happy that the city is close for those times I do want it hehe 🙂

I’ll put up a gallery of the pictures from the walk in this post.  Then I’ll put up another post with a gallery of some mall pics.


After yesterdays “boring” post I kind of expected more of the same today.  I was wrong!  Today has been awesome times 10!  🙂

I’m 10 days sober now.  It’s all good.  Just let me have my sugar for now and we can call it even.  Actually, at one point during the day instead of eating some cookies I elected to chop up a nectarine.  I can’t even remember the last time I’ve had a nectarine.  It was damn good.

I’ll start with the mundane first.  Last night after writing my blog I spent a good deal of time visiting other blogs in the sober blogging realm.  I was commenting and “liking” as I went.  Read a lot of good stuff.  After that I decided it was TV time.  A friend recommended a show called “Life”.  I looked it up on my Amazon Prime account and saw that it was free.  Sweet.  I watched the first three episodes.  This is a great show!  It felt appropriate for someone in my state of alcoholic recovery.

It’s about a cop who is framed for murder and put away for life.  12 years later he is proven innocent and let out of prison.  He also gets a very large sum of money.  He goes right back to being a detective.  It’s your usual detective drama, but the main character is pretty cool.  He practices a Zen attitude, always working to be in the moment.  He also eats a lot of fruit.  I recommend it.

Moving on to today.  Day 10 has been good.  It was gorgeous out today.  One of the benefits of working second shift is that I can get out during the day.  I walked down to the lake and sat on the beach in the sun and just meditated.  It was very relaxing, and very good.  Got some sun on my skin 🙂  I’ll put up some pics of the lake at the end of the post.

It was a good day at work.  I’m starting to feel more comfortable at the new job.  That is always a nice feeling.  This job is pretty low stress and that helps a lot.

When I came home from work is when things really took off.  I noticed a lot of activity in my inbox that is tied into this blog.  I fired up WordPress and was pleasantly surprised when I saw that my daily stats had just blown up!  All that commenting and “liking” I did the night before on other blogs certainly attracted attention!

There was a comment from Paul.  He writes a blog called Message in a Bottle.  I had not seen this blog before.  I clicked on over to check it out.  Holy Shit!!!!!  Ummm, Paul has one helluva blog!  Not only was I riveted by the content in his posts, but his level of writing acumen is ridiculous!  Besides therapy, and a way to connect to the sober blogging community, I am writing this blog as a daily form of practice.  I want to get better at writing.  Paul’s blog has inspired and moved me.

What started as a blogging experiment, a shot in the dark at alternative therapy, has turned into the beginning of a journey that I already feel is changing, and will continue to change my life.  I am thankful to all the people out there writing these blogs.  I add my own story into the mix hoping that someday I can also be of help.  This will not just be therapy and writing practice for myself.  This could also be a gift to others.

Rock on!


PS.  A shout out to the Tired of Thinking About Drinking blog.  It was the first blog on sobriety that I have ever read.  It inspired me, and the very next day I started this blog.

PPS.  I found said blog because of an article on The Fix.  Here is the article.  Blogging Myself Sober.  It was written by the author of the Drunky Drunk Girl blog.  Thanx DDG for putting that article out there, you really started it all for me.

Here we are on day 9.  I have to admit.  Nothing interesting happened today LOL

I worked a little at one of my side jobs early in the day.  Then later went to my main job.  On the way home picked up one of those little containers of ice cream, and ate some of that while watching the news.

As I mentioned previously the sweet tooth is in full effect now.  I’m going to let it slide for awhile.  Later on I will have to address it.  In the long run I do wish to stick to a healthier diet.  But, for now just staying sober is job #1, so I’ll indulge in the sweets a bit.

Last night before bed I watched Jack Reacher.  It was ok for a Tom Cruise action movie.  Not one of his best, but entertaining.  Mind you, I enjoy super cheesy action movies 🙂  I’m thinking about watching either another movie tonight after posting this, or maybe dig around for a new TV series to watch.

I cancelled cable TV last month.  The only thing I have is high speed Internet.  I have an Amazon Prime account, and that is pretty much where I get all my content from.  Cancelling TV was a great decision.  I save a lot of money, and I don’t miss it at all.  The movies and TV shows on Prime keep me plenty entertained.

In yesterdays blog post I put up a picture (the dinner I ate hehe).  I’m into photography so I’ll probably start posting some more pictures in this blog along with my posts.  Keep an eye out 🙂

Oh, BTW check out my window photo that I sent to Belle for the photography assignment on her blog “Tired of Thinking About Drinking”  Photos: Window View

Another blog I have been enjoying is Drunky Drunk Girl.  She has been going through some issues with sugar lately.  I know how she feels 🙂

That’s it for tonight.  I know… boring ;-p

Take care!


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